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A Responsible Breeder

Just what is a responsible breeder of Cavaliers?

Just what is it that sets such a person apart from any other breeders?

Why are responsible breeders so special?

Why should they be sought out by anyone looking to purchase a puppy?

A responsible breeder is dedicated to the breed - always learning about the breed, recognizing the need to adhere to breed identifying characteristics and working hard to do everything possible to maintain and preserve the breed for the enjoyment of future generations. A responsible breeder carefully weighs each mating with an eye on what is best for the breed in terms of appearance, temperament, and health considerations.

Muffity Cavaliers

A responsible breeder never breeds just to sell puppies for money instead a responsible breeder looks upon each puppy as an investment in the future of the breed. All potential puppy owners are thoroughly screened to determine suitability, responsibility and capability. A responsible breeder is always there to answer questions give advice and offer guidance to new puppy owners and will remain a ready source of assistance throughout the life of the puppy, into adulthood.

Responsible breeders have long range plans, definitive thoughts about their breed and are never afraid to speak up and voice an opinion. Responsible breeders are always there - through the joys of life and heartache of death. Responsible breeders are the back bone of their breed and leave a lasting legacy for future generations of dog lovers to enjoy.

Breed Information

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